Park, Sang Won / Ph.D.


As the president of Saint Mission University Sang Won Park has accomplished variety of things. Park has always been in the position of leadership prior to coming to SMU and those attributes contributes greatly to this university. Park has great visions for this school and its students to serve God and to help spread the Gospel to the worlk.


  • CUSC (California, USA)
  • PSU (California, USA/Kunkook University/USA Campus)
  • UCLA, Graduate School(Anderson School/MBA)
  • Yuin University, School of Business Administration(Ph.D.)
  • Yuin University, School of Theology and Seminary(M.Div.)
  • America Huntington University, School of Education(D.E)
  • Korea University, Life Sciences, Graduate School of Life and Environmental

Work and Experience

  • World Korean Foundation, President, Chief  Executive
  • Korean American Foundation,USA, Hon. National President
  • Korean American Foundation,USA, National President(the 7th, the 8th)
  • Hung Sa Dan(YKA/ USA/LA) Member(Tongsang Danwoo)
  • LOKA-USA, Director
  • World OKTA, Director/ Vice Chairman of Southern California
  • CCKI-SC, General Secretary
  • Korean American Day Committee, General Secretary
  • Korean American Foundation-LA, Chairman(the 4th)
  • Korean American Foundation-LA, President(the 5th, the 6th)
  • Korean American Foundation-USA, National co-president(the 3rd)
  • Korean American Foundation-USA, Vice National President(the 1st,5th,6th)
  • World-KICA, USA Co-President
  • The Korean Day, Leading of Making Movement and Requesting Movement
  • The 1st World Korean United Memorial Ceremony for the Martyrs, Patriots,Fallen Patriots, Convention Chair
  • The Korean Day Celebration Worship(World Korean Foundation)
  • The 150th Anniversary Concert for the Korean Russian Immigration to the Russia, Convention Chair
  • The Korea Flag Day Resolution-Los Angeles Chapter, President
  • Korean Diaspora Institute, President
  • Korean Culture Center, President
  • The Management Scholar Association in USA, Director
  • US Customs Fraternity Association, President
  • Korean American Transportation Association, President
  • Pyung Taek Friendship Association, President
  • UCLA Korean Management Alumni Association, President
  • PSU Alumni Association, President
  • PSU, Member of Board of Trustees
  • Park Yong Man Memorial Foundation, President
  • General Dean Memorial Foundation, Chairman(Gen. Dean)
  • Dok-Do USA, President
  • Mu Kung Hwa-USA, President
  • USNDC Headquater Special Assistant of Commanding General, COL
  • Pico Union Neighborhood Council Member
  • Wilshire Korean Presbyterian Church, USA, Elder
  • Han Min Gamsa Church, Elder
  • Joy of Sharing-USA Co-President
  • Luke Mission Center, Director
  • Small and Medium Finance, Co-President
  • San Bernardino County Korean Federation, President
  • UN Peace Promotion Ambassador
  • Korea Hyodo People movement, Overseas President
  • People Hyodo Revival Succession Federation, Overseas President

Job and Business

  • ROK Government Officer(Seoul Customs House/Incheon Customs House)
  • Korea Drill, LTD(Work at USA)
  • Nam Yang Transportation,Inc., President
  • Han Mi Investment & Development , Inc., President
  • Han Mi Business & Development Co., President
  • Han Mi Management Co., President
  • The People News, Inc., Publisher
  • USA California Real Estate license
  • USA ICC/PUC License
  • USA Cyber University/BPPE
  • USA School of Law, LDA License
  • Yuin University School of Business, Dean/ professor
  • UCS University Hon. President
  • America Huntington University, the Provost President(Asia)
  • St. Luke University, Ex-President
  • Santa Vine University Ex-President
  • Saint Mission University, President
  • The Korea Church Times, Director/Editor
  • Dongpo News, Director


  • World-KICA  Award((2012/the 3rd Award)
  • California Governor Awards(Certificate of Recognition/From 2003 to 2014)
  • California Assembly and Senate Awards(Certificate of Recognition/From 2003 to 2014)
  • Los Angeles Council & Mayor Awards(Certificate of Recognition/From 2003 to 2014)
  • Los Angeles County Supervisors Awards(Certificate of Recognition/From 2003 to 2014)
  • US Federal Congress Awards(Certificate of Recognition/From 2003 to 2014)
  • President Bush Award
  • President Obama Award(Presidential Volunteer Service Award)
  • USNDC Award
  • 2014 Mu Kung Hwa Grand Award(Patriot Award)
  • ROK the Best Record Certificate Award(Korea Guinness Certificate)
  • ROK New Intellectual People Special Grand Award
  • Korean American Foundation Award for Contribution
  • CCKI Award for Contribution
  • Challenge Korea Movement Headquarters Special Award
  • Calvin College Award
  • Korea University Life Sciences, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Award
  • America Huntington University Award
  • PSU Alumni Association Award
  • UCLA, Graduate School(Anderson School/MBA) Alumni Association Award


  1. Dissertation: A Study on the 1997 South Korea Economics Crisis: An Evidence of the Establishment of A New World Economic System
  2. The 170 Years History of Korea-USA on the Accidents and Diary base (Dong Yang Publishing)
  3. Multi-Nationality Times of The Right to vote (Dong Yang Publishing)
  4. Korean Americans’ Democratization and Unification Movement( Na San Publishing)
  5. Korean American Day Program Book

Park, Sang Won / Ph.D.
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