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    Our Mission and Philosophy

    Shalom! We welcome you.

    Saint Theological Seminary was created to provide spirituality theology to the today’s people who need it desperately. We provide Doctor of Missiology, Doctor of Ministry, and Master of Missiology to the people who truly need it.

    Rapidly changing ministry field and missionary field require leaders prepared with spirituality and experience.

    Saint Mission University prepared doctorate programs in missionary in Korean for Koreans working in ministry and missionary fields. We also help Koreans finish their course in the most effective manners.

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    Departments and Programs

    Saint Mission University offers various degrees to suit your mission to serve God. From Theology to Christian Counseling we have all you need to serve your community and the Lord. All of our professors have one goal in common and that is to provide the best Christian education to the next generation of Christian leaders.

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    Costs and Financial Aid

    At Saint Mission University, we make it our mission to make receiving education as easy as possible. Our tuition is very affordable and for special cases, we do offer financial aid. Please do not hesitate to inquire about the admissions process!
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    Great Ways to Serve God!

    Why get great education if not to use it for serving our Lord? Our SMU alumni and community expands internationally. We will help you find ways to serve His will and His Kingdom after getting your education from our institution. From counseling to mission fields to pastoring churches, our SMU graduates are serving our Lord Jesus in many areas and fields.
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Our Mission

To provide high quality, student-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities for the communities we serve.

At Saint Mission University, students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and free exchange of ideas.