Lee, Duck Sure / D.Miss

Professor of Missiology

Duck Sure Lee majored in theology at Korean Bible University and received his M.Div at Chongshin Theological Seminary. Doctor of Missiology From Grace Theological Seminary in Indiana, Lee received his Doctor of Missiology based on his paper, “한국교회 이단운동에 대한 선교학적 조망의 분석적 비판 및 개혁주의 신학적 틀에 기반한 전략적 접근 – 신천지 교주, 이만희를 중심으로.”
Lee is currently serving at Jesus Love Church located at SongPah-Gu Seoul and founded the Ezer Counseling Center. The word “Ezer” is “to help” in Hebrew. For 17 years Lee has worked at Cult Counseling Ministry dealing with AhnSangHong Witnesses, ShinChunJi, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.

Lee, Duck Sure / D.Miss
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